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Unique cartoons on different aspects of life !
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Unique combination of Painting
and Poetry on a Theme
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A to Z Fundas of living is a humorous series of questions - answers between two friends… Anman and Zunzach
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Unique poetry on …Nature,
Point of view, Humor,
Philosophy, Travel etc.
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Editorial Punch….on aspects like Current Affairs, Business, Economics, Politics, Education

Your own creative space !
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Unique art on PEGOMAG

Literally different stories, letters
of spirit and literary miscellany

Nuggets on Spirituality for every day living !

Your own creative space !
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Pego Events
PEGOMAG would be organizing various on-line as well as off-line events. These events would be in the form of competitions….or participative learning engagements.

In order to spread the message of positive ego and creative expression throughout the world, we at Pegomag have visualized various off-line events. These Pego events would carry the unique flavor… that the magazine has… and would be aimed at triggering the creative free flow among people of this world.

Above all, our aim in holding Pego events would be to make everyone ready to become proud citizens of Pego universe.

The events would be custom designed for the people of different age – groups, different psychographic profiles… and different orientations.

…but each such event would have an underlined catch phrase of creative expression and Positive Ego!

Pegomag has a mission to promote creativity and free thinking in this world.

Our cherished dream is to make people believe in themselves….shun meaningless conditionalities… and become empowered with Positive Ego!

Popular Themes for PEGO EVENTS would be:
  • Creativity in/and Education
  • Understanding Social Psychology (USP)
  • Every Day Spirituality
  • Synthesis of Science and Spirituality
  • Management with grass root intelligence and Creativity (MAGIC)
  • Art and Life
  • Poetry as the highest form of communication

  • …..and much more ……..
Event Calendar
An event to promote creativity in Education...    more»
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