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Travel Poetry for a relentless tourist
Travel Poetry for a relentless tourist

Travel Poetry for a relentless tourist !

My dear tourist …looking for a package ?

   …and you have searched,researched internet’s every page !

now you are ready for a deal….go make it

   …and the package has built-in freebies…go take it !

..then go on a vacation …to the places you’ve fantasised

…when you come back….tell us …have you realised ?

…That packaged fun is like packaged pre-cooked meal

     …its good for the one who ….only goes after a deal

but what about you…who wanted to explore…

      …what if you wanted more…and even more !

A vacation is not a goody…you buy and you consume !

      its something you want to cherish…for long…we presume !!!

Added on: 15 Jul 2009
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